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A tuneful design

Updated: 2023-05-30 07:53 ( CHINA DAILY )
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The guqin is an ancient Chinese musical instrument with seven strings. These are plucked with the right hand while notes are formed with the left hand.

The length of the body of guqin measures 3 chi 6.5 cun (old Chinese measurement, which is about 120 to 125 centimeters), to symbolize the 365 days of the year.

The body of the guqin is a long, narrow, hollow box made from wood. The top is carved into an arch, while the bottom is flat. The bridge of the guqin is made from hard wood, and the strings are attached to it. The narrow end of the strings are bent over the tail and are tied to the bottom.

Major components:

1. Seven strings.

2. Hui: 13 marks showing the musical notes and their harmonics.

3. Yueshan: the bridge to which the strings are attached.

4. Nayin: a wood box inside the body of guqin, allowing the sounds to linger.

5,6. Pillar of Heaven and Pillar of Earth: the main support underneath.

7. Qinzhen: tuning pegs.

8, 9. Dragon Pond and Phoenix Pool: amplifying sound boxes.


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