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Costume theater

2022-02-17 09:16

Kunqu Opera company is set to present spring-to-summer performances, Chen Nan reports.

Henan TV to stage Lantern Festival show

2022-02-14 14:11

To celebrate the upcoming Lantern Festival, Henan Satellite TV will entertain audiences with an online show, "2022 Lantern Festival Marvelous Tour", tonight at 7:30!

What's on

2022-01-24 09:12

Focalization shows prints by a lineup of international artists to mark the spirit of the Olympics and celebrate the 2022 Winter Games.

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2022-01-17 09:14

Majestic refinement

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2022-01-10 08:41

Over 160 sports-themed artworks are on show at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing in a warm up for the upcoming Winter Olympics.

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2021-12-27 08:30

High Aspirations, an exhibition at the National Art Museum of China, until Jan 3, is now showing some 20 pieces of Yu Youren and Gao Ershi‘s’ calligraphy works.

Exhibition reflects the cultural and social diversity of rural idyll

2021-11-08 08:01

Inside the museum, artworks inspired by the village's history, present and future are on display.

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2021-11-01 07:57

I Recognize the World-Born in the 1980s and '90s, an ongoing exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan, teams up 21 artists to provide a glimpse of the two generations.

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2021-10-25 07:25

Long River, Great Path, an art exhibition at the China National Academy of Painting, is displaying some 180 paintings and sculptures of Yellow River landscapes, showing its cultural importance and highlighting the country's efforts to protect the natural environment along the river.

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2021-10-18 07:25

Late modern painter Liu Wenxi is often hailed as "an artist of the people", for his realistic style of painting that documented the lives of ordinary Chinese in the 20th century.

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2021-09-06 07:45

The Academy of Arts and Design at Tsinghua University is staging an online exhibition to present how artists in China and Uruguay can utilize various forms of material.

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2021-08-30 08:11

Fashion designer and artist Ma Ke says our planet is the "source and destiny" of lives.

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